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A few people have contacted me and asked me about a company that called them 'in regards' to their Windows computer.

The person says that they can fix the problem if the person gives them remote access using 'logmein' or some other remote access site.


If possible (and you want to report them) write down the website and the number they give you for the remote access. Write down the date and time as well. Google the site name and search the site for a contact number and report the incident if possible.


About Us

Who we are:

Whatcom Computer Service and Repair was started in mid-2012 by Art Miller with help from friends and family. Art has been doing computer service work since 2000 and enjoys the daily challenges that this line of work brings him. Art graduated from Western Washington University in 2009 with a BS in computer science and minors in math and physics.

Joining Art in this venture is Mel Poradun, who has been working on computers on and off since 1979.


What our goals are:

We believe that computer work should not cost an arm and a leg, to that end we strive to provide low-cost effective and efficient support for computers and their peripherals.

Another goal of ours is to help recycle old and dead electronics. We believe that the US should not be shipping its e-waste over seas to countries where it pollutes their water supplies. We will do our best to properly recycle all electronics that are given to us. If we can we will refurbish and resell them, if they are broken beyond repair we will do our best to properly recycle and dispose of them.

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