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A few people have contacted me and asked me about a company that called them 'in regards' to their Windows computer.

The person says that they can fix the problem if the person gives them remote access using 'logmein' or some other remote access site.


If possible (and you want to report them) write down the website and the number they give you for the remote access. Write down the date and time as well. Google the site name and search the site for a contact number and report the incident if possible.


Pricing Chart

Note: this does not include sales tax, all prices are estimated and may vary on a case by case basis. Any failed job (ie unable to fix, recover, or otherwise complete the job) will result in no labor charged.

Computer/Laptop repair prices

Data backup/recovery: ~$80 (does not include backup medium or replacement hard drive)

Description: We will make every possible attempt at recovering the data stored on your hard drive. We can copy it to either a replacement hard drive, thumb drive or to dvd/cd media. Data recovery is not an exact science and when a hard drive reaches the end of its life cycle it might not want to give up its data.


"Spring" Cleaning: ~$35-50 (depends on complexity and size of computer)

Description: Got dust bunnies on your heat sink? Every time you turn on your computer a big puff of dust erupts from it? Cleaning it yourself might lead to more problems than its worth, let us deal with the hassle of cleaning out your computer! A trained tech will take your computer outside to a covered area, and using compressed air we will blow out your system from top to bottom! We'll even get inside the power supply! We'll pull the case apart gently and get in all those spaces between the case and the plastic and get those dust bunnies out of there!


 Wipe and reinstall: $60 (add $30 for data backup)

Description: We will wipe your computer and reinstall your operating system of choice (Windows XP/Vista/7 or Linux) and put only the software YOU want back on it! Don't like the original anti-virus program that came on the computer? We'll recommend other free alternatives! We promise not to put on pesky "Tell us how we did!" surveys or other annoy-ware!


LCD Monitor Repair: $50 + parts

Description: Did your LCD monitor just blink off one day? Do you have one too many dead pixels? Is your monitor out of warranty? Let us try to fix it! We can find replacement screens and other replacement parts!


Computer Repair: $50 per hour, one hour minimum

Description: Anything not covered above (ie adding/removing hardware, troubleshooting hardware, etc) will be charged a flat rate of $50 an hour.


In-home Computer Repair: $10 + $50 per hour

Description: We believe in providing inexpensive computer care, that's why we won't charge you an arm and half a leg to come out just to see where you live! If we can't fix it you only owe $10! Even if we spent all day trying to fix the problem, that's all you owe! NOTE: if combined with another In-home service call then the $10 fee is only charged once. $10 fee is only charged once per job.


In-home Network Install: $10 + $50 per hour + material cost

Description: we will run cables, set up your internet connection (and talk to customer support for you!) and secure your wifi! We will also set up any wireless devices and confirm that they work with your setup! We will also do a site survey of other wifi hotspots in the area and configure your router for the best performance possible! NOTE: if combined with another In-home service call then the $10 fee is only charged once. $10 fee is only charged once per job.

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