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A few people have contacted me and asked me about a company that called them 'in regards' to their Windows computer.

The person says that they can fix the problem if the person gives them remote access using 'logmein' or some other remote access site.


If possible (and you want to report them) write down the website and the number they give you for the remote access. Write down the date and time as well. Google the site name and search the site for a contact number and report the incident if possible.


Phone/Tablet Price Chart

NOTE: As of 6/1/14 we are no longer doing iPhone or iPod repairs. We will do some smart phone repairs on a case by case basis.

All quotes do NOT include tax unless otherwise specified.

Android Smart-phones:

Bring in your android smart phone for a free quote on repair! Most android smart phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy line or some HTC phones) can be repaired quickly. Most repairs will cost $20-50 + parts.


Currently there is no plan to repair iPads, however this may change in the future. Other tablet repairs are subject to parts availability and if the tablet can be repaired. Feel free to call or email with the make and model number of your tablet for a quote!

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