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A few people have contacted me and asked me about a company that called them 'in regards' to their Windows computer.

The person says that they can fix the problem if the person gives them remote access using 'logmein' or some other remote access site.


If possible (and you want to report them) write down the website and the number they give you for the remote access. Write down the date and time as well. Google the site name and search the site for a contact number and report the incident if possible.


Recycling Program

Most people don't consider what they will do with their old, sometimes broken, computers or their peripheries. Why not recycle them! Sometimes all thats needed is a new power supply, new RAM, or even just a new motherboard to breathe new life into that old workhorse!

However, sometimes we must lay the computer to rest and send it on its way, too damaged or too out-of-date to revive. Most of the time these computers and other e-waste finds its way into landfills or worse they end up going to third world countries where people are forced to work to try to reclaim the toxic metals in extremely hazardous conditions.

We at Whatcom Computer Service and Repair want to help put a dent in the export of toxic e-waste and to prevent it from ending up in our landfills. We promise to do everything we possibly can to reduce the waste, reuse what can be reused, and properly recycle and dispose of what we can't reuse.

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